1. Activation licences for the plugins that came bundled with the theme

2. Visual Composer is not working (console error)

3. Why is demo content not being imported?

4. Change Camera Loader

5. How to update a theme?

6. Icons Are Not Showing, Or Displaying Like Squares and Strange Characters

7. HTTPS mixed content warnings

8. Enable WPBakery for portfolios/posts/products

9. Missing revolution sliders

10. How to enable Visual Composer front page editor?

11. http error 500 / Internal Server Error

12. WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor

13. Widgets not properly aligned.

14. Change Kenozoik Loader

15. Complete Guide To Demo Import

16. How to set the home page?

17. Changing menu colors

18. How to import Slider revolution?

19. Google Map Api Key Missing Error / Google Map Missing Error

20. “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” ?

21. Documentations

22. Adding custom font

23. EYE on product lists - YITH Quick View plugin

24. General Data Protection Regulation

25. Missing style sheet error when installing the theme?

1. Activation licences for the plugins that came bundled with the theme

The plugins that you got after the purchase are called bundled and we, as a theme authors, have purchased an extended licence for them. That means you don't have to activate them and they'll work for you regardless of that.

In the following text we'll explain how the bundled plugins work.
Bundled plugins offer the same core features and functionality as the standalone version of the item on CodeCanyon.

Some plugins may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration. The plugin will still work as intended with the theme once the theme has been activated/registered. 

When a plugin is updated, the theme author will include the latest version of the bundled plugin with their next theme update. So you can easily update the bundled plugin when you next update your theme. 

You can read more about this here:

2. Visual Composer is not working (console error)

If Visual Composer won't load in the back end when you try to edit some page, please first make sure that you are using latest theme version with latest Visual Composer. 

If this is not the case and you have following problems when accessing site or editing pages:

- Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED - customlibEditGallery java script error in the console when you open developer tools in Google Chrome - not found 404 page is displayed when editing pages

- Uncaught TypeError: $(...).wpColorPicker is not a function

which was confirmed several times with GoDaddy hosting plans and also with few SiteGround hosting users, and problem is hosting related and it is due to mod_security check when some robust and feature rich themes from Theme Forest is used:


Add following module to WordPress .htaccess file: 

SubstituteMaxLineLength 10m

...after the # END WordPress:

...and try editing pages. If the problem persists, replace that line of code with the following code: 

#WPBakery Timeout fixer - .htaccess

SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M
LimitRequestBody 9999999 seen here:

After that try to edit pages again. 

Everything should be working fine after this change.

3. Why is demo content not being imported?

When it comes to importing demo content, before you hit import, disable all 3rd party plugins (to free up server resources), then go to import, open chrome developer tools, hit Import, and watch console for errors. When some error occur refresh import page and repeat the process. Importing demo content must reach 100% without displaying error in the console. So repeat it until console is clear (sometimes you have to repeat process for 3-4 times or maybe more).

Please understand that this is common issue when importing demo with all theme authors since demos become more robust so they can satisfy needs of all customers, so issue is usually triggered by lower server resources. Usually it is due to low WordPress memory limit and also due to low PHP directives, so it would be good if you can increase these values or ask your hosting service to do that for you:

max_execution_time = 300;
memory_limit = 128M;
upload_max_filesize = 128M;
post_max_size = 256M;

Helpful reading -

Also check instructions regarding import in theme documentation!/getting_started_importing_demo_content

If you continue to have problems with import, you can always submit a ticket to our support and they will try to import demo content for you. Just provide WordPress admin access in your ticket:

Website login URL
Admin Username
Admin Password

4. Change Camera Loader

To change default Camera Loader, navigate to Cinerama Options > General:

Enable Smooth Page Transitions and Preloading Animation. Then you will have dropdown with different loader style.

5. How to update a theme?

First you need to use an FTP client (like FileZila).

You can upgrade your theme by performing the following steps:

1. Download latest All files & documentation file from ThemeForest (your Downloads page)

2. Extract it and locate

3. Extract and locate the theme-name folder

4. Copy/Replace the content of theme folder to /wp-content/themes/theme-name folder of your web site.

Using this method, none of existing content or settings will be lost.

6. Icons Are Not Showing, Or Displaying Like Squares and Strange Characters

Please try to follow the instructions from this link in order to solve these errors:

These instructions work for all browsers and icon packs.

Most of the users were able to solve this cross-origin problem with the solution from that article, but if that does not work for you, you will need to contact your server provider and ask them to fix cross-origin issue, as it is server oriented.

7. HTTPS mixed content warnings

This is usually the problem with SSL certificate and the previous setting of a website that was not configured this way. You can try to use a plugins to fix this , such as - however this does not guarantee fixing the issue.

Safer solution would be to remove the images that are causing this problem and to re-upload them.

8. Enable WPBakery for portfolios/posts/products

To enable WPBakery for portfolios/post/product please navigate to Role Manager, Choose Custom in Post types end check what you want:

9. Missing revolution sliders

Revolution Slider files do not import automatically, and you will need to import these slides manually.

First thing you need to make sure you've downloaded correct file from ThemeForest, from find the theme and in download button dropdown, select "All files & documentation".

Then you will need to navigate to Dashboard > Revolution Slider > Import and then browse the folder you've downloaded from ThemeForest and find the Theme Main Files > xml_export > revslider

10. How to enable Visual Composer front page editor?

Front End VC editor is disabled by default because some theme elements use advanced java script functionality, and these elements will not be displayed correctly until you save and refresh the page after adding them.

In order to enable front end VC editor, edit theme folder / framework / modules / visualcomposer / visual-composer-config.php file, and delete or comment out following lines:


11. http error 500 / Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error 500 is usually related to server settings as the name of the error suggests.

There could be several causes of this problem. First you should do is contact your hosting provider and ask them about this, and also ask them to check your error log, to see what does it say there?

Also, read this article

And try the solutions from it, increasing your memory_limit parameter first, it could be low and that could be the cause of this.

And also, it is good if you can increase these values or ask your hosting service to do that for you.

max_execution_time = 300

memory_limit = 128M

upload_max_filesize = 128M

post_max_size = 256M

12. WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor

Since WordPress recently released new 5.0 version,  we have tested our themes, and there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with Wordpress 5.0.

Gutenberg became the official WordPress editor from WordPress version 5.0. In case you still want to use Classic Editor, you can add it manually, and your page backend will look the same as before. 

Here you could find more about it 

So, until we release new theme update where WP Bakery 5.6 version is included, you could reach our support team here to update this for you, or you could install Classic Editor plugin to continue working on a way you used to.


13. Widgets not properly aligned.

Because of WordPress wpautop function which is wrapping lines with paragraph tags, and now function is being executed in text widget because it is present be default in text editor, which is inducted in WordPress version 4.8. Solution to this is to remove all spaces inside text widgets, and if that doesn't work 100% or you don't want to go trough all theme widgets and to do this manually you can simply add following line of code inside theme folder / functions.php

remove_filter('widget_text_content', 'wpautop');

If you want  permanent modification for future updates you should add that line inside child theme folder / functions.php file.

14. Change Kenozoik Loader

To change default Kenozoik Loader, navigate to Kenozoik Options > General:

Enable Smooth Page Transitions and Preloading Animation. Then you will have dropdown with different loader style.

15. Complete Guide To Demo Import

Step 1 - PHP resources

Since WordPress themes get more robust and complex, it's necessary that you release some more power from server. You can do that by editing php.ini file that you can find on your server, or contact your hosting service to do this for you. 

Make sure you meet these requrements and please don't skip this step, since it's probably the most important:

max_execution_time = 300;
memory_limit = 128M;
upload_max_filesize = 128M;
post_max_size = 256M;

Step 2 - PHP version

You should also make sure PHP version on your server is updated. 

5.6 will do the job, but you may use 7 as well.

Step 3 - Disable Plugins

You should disable ALL plugins except:

-Contact Form 7 

-Edge Core (CPT)

-WooCommerce (if you plan to use shop) 

Step 4 - Import

We advise that you do this from Google Chrome, no matter the Operating System.

Go to Edge Options > Import. On your keyboard press F12 and select "Console" view.

If you wish to import all demo content (pages, posts, widgets, options) you should choose "All" for "Import type" field. 

And if you wish to import media library for our theme, check "Yes" for "Import Attachments"

Then hit "Import" and follow console view.

If you see any red error showing up, you should refresh the page and try again.

Repeat the process until demo import is completed, following a successful "Import Completed" message, without errors in the console.

XML Import

If the progress bar doesn't reach 100%, you can finish the import via XML. 

To so so, navigate to Tools > Import > WordPress > Run Importer. Upload the theme-export.xml file, which you can find in the file you downloaded from ThemeForest, in the folder "xml export." If the connection runs out, simply upload it again and again, until you receive the message that import has completed. 

Next, in Theme Options > Import, run the import, but ONLY for Widgets and for Options. There is no need to run it for Content again.

Step 5 - Enable Plugins

You should go to Dashboard > Plugins and enable all plugins.

Step 6 (optional) - Remove extra menu items

If you imported demo content multiple times, it's possible that you duplicated menu items several times. You should install this helpful plugin 

Then go to Appearance > Menus and remove duplicated menu items.

16. How to set the home page?

In Settings > Reading you could choose desired page to be your frontpage

17. Changing menu colors

To change menu text colors, navigate to Edge Options > Header > Header Skin and make sure that the Default header skin is enabled. Depending on your theme, you might either see "Default", or only a blank space, which is the same as "Default":

You will then be able to change the menu colors. Settings for this are in some themes located in Edge Options > Fonts and in others in Edge Options > Header.

If you have the Light header skin, the menu text will always be white, and your custom menu colors set in Edge Options will not take effect. Similarly, a Dark header will always have black menu text.

If your menu colors are still not taking effect, then check the setting on your page, under Edge Header, and make sure that it's set to Default as well. Page settings override settings in Edge Options.

18. How to import Slider revolution?

When importing a demo onto your site RevSlider slideshow has to be imported separately. 

To import a RevSlider from one of our demos please go to your WordPress admin panel Slider Revolution -> Import. 

Search for RevSlider / located in the file you downloaded from Theme Forest / xml export folder and import that demo’s slideshow.

19. Google Map Api Key Missing Error / Google Map Missing Error

This error is caused by some recent changes in google map API. Here is what you can try.

1. You need to create your own API key as described here:

2. Then you need to go to Edge Options -> General and add it to the Api Key field

And then you need to add the page(s) to the list of allowed referrers.

You can check this link also how to do this

Also see API keys in the Google API Console - . For more information, see Best practices for securely using API keys - .

Also try going to Developer Console -> APIs & auth -> APIs

Search for Geocoding and click on Google Maps Geocoding API -> Enable API. Do the same thing for Geolocating.

20. “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” ?

What to do when I get this message while trying to install the theme: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” ?

This message means that theme zip file is larger than max upload file size allowed in configuration of your server. Please either increase that limit or upload the theme via ftp (second method explained in our documentation).

21. Documentations

Here are our Official manuals for Edge themes:

Vigor -

Hudson -

Homa -

Quadric -

Oxides -

Kvadrat -

Tactile -

Magazin Vibe  -

Kolumn -

Skye  -

Conall -

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Goodwill -

Dieter -








22. Adding custom font

To add some custom font you could use CSS @font-face. Just paste code from below into Edge Options > General > Custom code > Custom CSS field:

@font-face {
font-family: 'MyWebFont';
src: url('webfont.eot'); 
src: url('webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'), 
url('webfont.woff2') format('woff2'), 
url('webfont.woff') format('woff'),
url('webfont.ttf') format('truetype'), 
url('webfont.svg#svgFontName') format('svg');

and put absolute paths to your font files, and make sure that you have several different file formats because different file formats will be loaded by different browsers. This is important and more can be found in this article

Finally style desired elements with css code, so some basic knowlage is required for that part. Example:

body, h1{font-family: 'YourFont', sens-serif;}

Please understand that this won't add font to the list inside Theme Options and only way to apply it is with custom css code.

*Custom css field could be also places in Appearance > Customize > Additional Css.

23. EYE on product lists - YITH Quick View plugin

This functionality should work as a prettyphoto for product lists. If you haven't please install this plugin or if you wish to remove the eye from product lists, go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste this snippet

.edgtf-yith-wcqv-holder {display: none !important;}

24. General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25. The GDPR requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data. It also gives individuals more access and choice when it comes to how their own personal data is collected, used, and shared.

You can learn more about the GDPR from the European Commission’s Data Protection page.

Site owners can now designate a privacy policy page. This page will be shown on your login and registration pages. You should manually add a link to your policy to every page on your website. If you have a footer menu, that’s a great place to include your privacy policy.

If you maintain a plugin that collects data, we recommend including that information in WordPress’ privacy policy guide. Learn more in our Privacy section of the Plugin Handbook.

Download WordPress 4.9.6 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically.

Please note that if you’re currently on WordPress 4.9.3, you should manually update your site immediately.

GDPR Makes Great Content

Given how super relevant GDPR is, we thought we’d give you a heads up on the most recent and best selling items to help remain GDPR compliant.

Writing about these would make for some extremely current, fresh new content that’s on the minds of most in our space. We’d recommend you cover the following items from CodeCanyon:

Wordpress GDPR plug in
Private content multi level
Weepie cookie consent
Ultimate GDPR Tool Kit

25. Missing style sheet error when installing the theme?

This is the common issue when installing a theme, this error message does not mean that the theme is broken. 

It means that the files are not uploaded correctly, and there is an easy fix for it described in this article.