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product title


  • sinfu started the conversation

    my client website jubilee.id using your adorn template. and we want to disable addtocart (using plugin MMWD Remove Add To Cart for WooCommerce )

    so i choose the plugin setting to "remove addtocard" but then your product title seem lower position..... please see image (read more is show up on product title)



    so please advise me how to solve this ..please reply asap my client need it soon. thanks again for your help..

    btw any update for bug on product floating categories as my last ticket 3 days ago :-) 

  •  1,048
    Edge replied

    Hi sinfu,

    The easiest way how you can remove add to cart functionality is with custom CSS. Please put the following code into Edge Options -> General -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS

    ul.products>.product .edge-pl-add-to-cart{ 
     display: none; 

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, thanks.

    Best regards